The Process

Handmade batik process is not an easy task. Set in the middle of Ubud, the cultural and creative center of Bali, our factory is where QUARZIA unique garments are created.  Every single piece is handmade by local skilled artisans using only the finest fabrics and highest quality dyes. The result is a very unique and one of kind garment that blends together Indonesian artistic tradition with an Italian contemporary touch.

Batik Cap

Using a cap can be a very effective technique to create a pattern made of several identical repeating elements. During this phase of the batik process the wax is applied using a copper stamp called cap instead of being hand-drawn onto the fabric. The copper stamps are a work of art themselves and are often used for interior decoration.

Batik Tulis

Batik Tulis is one of the oldest techniques in Indonesia. Once the initial sketch has been drawn, the wax is applied on the pattern with the traditional canting tool. Color is then added, filling the gaps between the wax. In the final step of the batik process the fabric is boiled to peel off the wax.